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Mission and methodology

Our Mision

  • Achieve an online dissemination of knowledge of excellence, creative and efficient, within reach of companies, professionals and institutions without the need of technical knowledge, and with a minimum affordable investment.
  • Offer all the necessary tools for publication, dissemination and communication of knowledge.
  • Eliminate technical concerns (we offer solutions in the cloud).
  • Focus our value on the parameterization of benefits. We do not develop customized services, but we find patterns between the suggestions of clients and users to include new adjustable services in each case. Thanks to this, our system will always have a high capacity for personalization.
  • TransparencyWe want to tell you how we do each thing. If this information helps someone, we do not care if they can compete with us, we will be proud to have added value. 

Do you want to know what else we do?

You can follow the publications on our CEO's blog: The intention of this Blog is to help other entrepreneurs and non-conformists who want to evolve and manage to combine professional and personal life from transparency. All under one motto: breaking paradigms and false established beliefs.

Our online methodology

All our development, management and customer support work is based on the cloud. We avoid all local documentation in the office or on the personal computers of our team. We use the following online tools in our day to day.


  • We use Google Suite. With our domain name we have the best email technology and an office suite in the cloud with all the guarantees of Google: calendar, word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and video conferences with Google HangOut (although occasionally we also use Skype ). And all this for just € 4 / month per user..
  • We manage our code securely with GitHub in private repositories. This service has a cost of $ 7 / month.
  • Although we have worked with Slack, our internal communication system is Google Chat (included in Google Suite).
  • We use as a Sublime Text 3 code editor that, thanks to its extensions, allows us to work productively. The license cost is $ 70 / user (single cost). In addition, we install certain premium extensions with small additional costs. We have licenses and have tried other IDEs or editors such as Coda, Netbeans or Espresso, but we feel comfortable with Sublime Text.
  • To measure our work times, we use Toggl. At the moment, the size of our company is included in its free plan.
  • 213/5000When developing online solutions, we must check their operation in multiple browsers, devices and operating systems. For this work we use BrowserStack. The cost of this solution is $ 39 / month.
  • Despite having tried JIRA for months, GrooveHQ, Trello and Intercom, we have finally opted for ZenDesk for technical support to users and customers. We manage tasks and projects with AirTable.
  • Although we developed an online training solution, we are interested in training our team. We have chosen an online academy for its subject matter and effectiveness. We use to continue evolving. Hundreds of audiovisual and practical courses for € 10 / month.
  • Formerly we used an impressive voIP virtual switchboard called Netelip. It is a great online solution to centralize phone calls in a professional manner. But for productive reasons, we completely eliminated the phone.

Nubily is a company in the cloud

(with 100% online support and asynchronous communication)

We eliminated the traditional telephone as a means of communication. Our company grows as a distributed team, enhancing remote work as a mechanism to reconcile the work and personal life of our employees. For this reason, you can contact us through the Web.

At Nubily we believe that productivity should be our hallmark. And online tools, well used, help us achieve this important goal. We answer all your questions or questions by organizing them by priority. As a general rule, we first serve customers who write to us through our online platform. Our team dedicates several blocks of time per day to answer all your questions, questions, suggestions or comments.