Share your knowledge and monetize your effort,
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Create online courses in a simple way

Manage your online courses with an easy and quick to use technology.

Choose between three types of academy

It has three forms of distribution for your online courses: MarketPlace, Membership or Private Campus

Increase your income

Make your passion generate income for you, share your knowledge and experience in a solid online learning platform

Creative, efficient and of excellence

Share your knowledge without complicated interfaces and without the need
to program.

  • Fully customize your academy: use your own colors, logos and images.
  • Create your online courses easily and quickly, with all the resources you need.
  • Easily manage student’s permits, registrations, and groups.
  • Communicate directly with your students.
  • Monitor student’s progress and provide support.

All in One

Design your own website for your academy, communicate with your
students, and share your courses with our Online Marketing tools, all in one place

Pay only if you have students

  • Choose fixed or variable price: Thanks to our flexible pricing policy we adapt to professionals and companies of all kinds.
  • Your income, without commissions: In Nubily we do not charge any commission. You will only have the payment system commission as Stripe or PayPal.
  • Take care of your intellectual property: we protect your intellectual property rights, you can concentrate on creating courses without fear.

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