Do you want to create your own online academy?

Digitalize and manage the transmission of knowledge in your company

"For a company to survive in a changing and dynamic world, it must constantly train its employees" 

What is Nubily for?

Create, host and distribute the content of your courses easily and quickly

Manage your employees' enrollments to the assigned courses

Follow and evaluate your learning process. Evaluate competences and abilities.

Analyze all the information, generate reports and measure the results

Work with a stable platform, which gives you everything you need.

Spend your time on what really matters. Do not complicate yourself with technical problems. We take care of the development and maintenance!

We comply with the regulations of FUNDAE

Offers bonus training courses with total security. Nubily meets 100% with all the requirements set by the tripartite foundation.

What do our customers say?

"Previously we used our own platform, but when we discovered Nubily we found a platform where students can work interactively, watch videos, power points, perform exams and everything a student needs to obtain an extraordinary educational experience. adapts to the way of work that each company has, we recommend 100% Nubily to everyone because they attend to innovation and try to improve every day ". 


What would you highlight most about Nubily?

The attention of the people who manage it solve everything right away.


Important features

Your own

Account Manager

From the first moment we assign you to one of our specialists so that you are always at your disposal and guide you at all times.

Multiple custom channels

With the same account you can create different training channels with your own personalized image.

User Management

Assign the training content that each employee can access in a few clicks. Group your users by department. Create different profiles with different permissions.


Analyze all the information through detailed reports, measure the results of the training and check if you are having the expected result.

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