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Thanks to our flexible pricing policy, we adapt to professionals and companies of all types. 

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In Nubily we do not charge commissions for sale, except those that apply the collection systems (Paypal or Stripe).

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We protect your intellectual property rights, focus on creating courses without fear.

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Spread your knowledge without complicated interfaces and no codeing

Easily manage registrations, roles and groups of students.

Communicate directly with your students with multiple tools available.

Monitor the progress of your students and provide support.

What do our users think?

"Nubily gives me the peace of mind of not having to search for more platforms, I came across it after having tried others, but they all had some drawbacks that made it impossible for me to use them, problems that did not solve me since their customer service was poor, problems with the issue of collections, or simply that it did not suit my needs, I can say that Nubily fulfills all the requirements I need. "


What would you highlight most about Nubily?

"Their professionalism and speed in customer service.

And without a doubt the close and collaborative treatment they have with me. "


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"The platform is the most complete that I found, allows live videoconferences, upload training, the possibility of including videos, audios, documents, etc. and the thousand possibilities of configuration. Also, thanks to Nubily I can reach people without the possibility of traveling to my center because of the distance or schedule and for my convenience, it is a platform that manages everything ".


What would you highlight most about Nubily?

"Nubily has a team that is not only excellent in its work, but also close, human and always willing to help. Without all the help I have received, I would not have been able to undertake my online adventure. "


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